FAQs: Honors Program | Mount St. Joseph University
Is the Honors Program the same as high school AP classes?

No, high school AP courses tend to move at a rapid pace, cramming as much material into the semester as possible. In the Honors Program, you’ll study relevant material in greater depth than a regular liberal arts course. You’ll discover how classroom teachings affect your life and the lives of others.

Can I design my own Honors Program curriculum?

The Honors curriculum needs to be finished alongside your major’s requirements. While the requirements are standard for everyone, you have the flexibility of converting non-Honors courses into Honors courses with the instructor’s permission. For instance, Jacob Dean, communications major, did an in-depth study of Henry David Thoreau and his essay “Life Without Principle” to make his “American Literature I” course an Honors course.

What are some perks to being an Honors student?
  • Taking your education to a higher level
  • Joining a tight-knit community of students and faculty
  • Registering a day early with priority registration
  • Working individually with faculty to present your work at professional conferences
  • Special invitations to select on-campus events
  • Attending many off-campus social events
Will I only be in class with other Honors students?

No, the beauty of the Honors program is that you have the opportunity to learn and study with all students. You can take standard or Honors classes in any major.

Whom should I contact if I’m interested in the Honors Program?

E-mail Peter Robinson, director of the Honors Program or call (513) 244-4207. You can also contact an admission counselor.