Resident Assistants | Mount St. Joseph University

Resident Assistants are your lifeline to the University.

Resident Assistants are upper class student staff members that are knowledgeable of campus resources and offerings. RA's help students meet new people, get involved, identify resources on campus, focus on their studies and have fun.

The Resident Assistant position is considered one of the top leadership positions at Mount St. Joseph University. Current students are welcome to apply for the position. Information about applying is sent out every January. For more information, contact the Office of Residence Life at 513-244-4304.

2017 - 2018 Resident Assistant Staff

Mary Bowman
5th Floor Center/East
Major: Nursing
I live on campus because it allows to live independently while also being surrounded by a community of people that cares for each other and pushes each other to excel personally and academically.

Zachary Corbett
4th Floor Southeast
Major: Marketing
I live on campus so I could slowly prepare myself for living on my own in the future, and because I wanted the full college experience, and I feel like living on campus is part of that. I also feel like it was a great way to meet a lot of new people.  I consider my friends on campus to be family, because we help each other with any tough situation.  It was nice knowing I never had to face any challenge alone, because my friends always had my back.

Kayla Gibson
5th Floor West
Major: Incl Early Childhood Edu
I live on campus because it's just far enough to stay on campus but go home whenever I want. The Mount is a fun and safe environment, and everyone is a family. Living on campus quickly gives you the sense of independence and the feeling of sensibility is the best feeling ever. Feeling so comfortable away from home is a hard feeling to come by.

Khela Holt
2nd Floor Center/East
Major: Biomedical Sciences
I live on campus because it not only allows me to be within minutes of my classes but also allows to connect, and make friends with, peers of similar career paths or entirely different disciplines.

Michael Huber
Senior RA
Major: Athletic Training
Campus life offers the opportunity to meet new faces, while allowing you to also see familiar faces. This helps build and grow community, especially here on campus. Seeing individuals grow while living on campus is one of the most satisfying things about living here. It really lets you measure how much you’ve grown and/or how much someone else has grown.

Cody Kappes
6th Floor Center/East/West
Major: Business Managmenet
I live on campus because I love the convenience of everything, being able to go to my room between classes, go to the dinning hall for dinner, and being able to go down the hall to visit friends has always been a great part of living on campus.

Kelsey Knodell
2nd Floor West/  Community Service LLC
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Living on campus allows me to not only meet new people and connect with them, but also gives me a better opportunity to be a part of the campus community and gives me a sense of belonging. 

Kathryn Mapes
3rd Floor West
Major: Chemistry
I live on campus, because it opens opportunities for you that you cannot get from home. You get to experience the feeling of independence, you learn that pulling all nighters to study is a right of passage, you learn the affects of pulling an all nighter, and most importantly you are able to find those people that will be there for you through thick and thin.

Leandra McCrary
4th Floor Center/East
Major: Early Childhood Education
I enjoy living on campus beucase it allows me to meet new people and connect with them.

Joseph Piazza
4th Floor West
Major: Biomedical Sciences
I live on campus to be close to my resources. It allows me to fully utilize all of the resources that the Mount offers, and it encourages me to get as involved as possible, while meeting new people.

Kevin Polking
2nd Floor West Health and Natural Sciences LLC
Major: Biology
I like living on campus because it allows me to focus on my school work and allows me to not have to worry about making it to school on time. Having commuted my first two years I didn't realize how much easier it is living on campus as having no travel time allows me to work longer on school work while still having time to hangout with friends.

Ronnie Turner
3rd Floor Center/East
Major: Pre-Athletic Training
I like to live on campus because it gives me the chance to be independent and improve my social skills.