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An intentional, living manifestation of our culture of ethics and service

Ethical leadership calls on us to think beyond ourselves and become involved as leaders and decision-makers in our professions, families, and communities. It is an intentional living manifestation of the Mount’s culture and respect for others and the value for the common good to make a positive influence on society.


Inspired by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati’s legacy of service and innovative leadership practice with a social conscience, the Center for Ethical Leadership (CEL) promotes a culture of ethics, service, and responsible leadership in the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Common Commitments

The CEL is committed to the Service of the Greater Cincinnati Region, Scholarship with a community impact, and Celebration of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati’s heritage and values.


Recognizing the complexities of the 21st century environment that include heightened impact and pressures of increasing challenges in globalization, diversity, accountability, technology, and the velocity of change, the CEL adopts strategies that shape the development of innovative, ethical, and effective business and community leaders who value personal and social responsibility:

  • Serve as a model for a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate approach to curricular and co-curricular ethical leadership development.
  • Be a place that businesses, community organizations, and civic leaders turn to for rich discussions, collaboration, and programs that advance ethical leadership and building strong communities.
  • Integrate corporate-academic and community-campus partnerships throughout the programs of the CEL.
  • Bring together respected members of faculty, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, and area business and community leaders to share insights and perspectives on how ethics, values, and behaviors shape local, domestic, and global agendas.
  • Create an academic space that serves as an incubator of innovative ideas, research, curriculum development, and outreach efforts that promote leadership for the common good.




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